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Mont Blanc Theme

My fifth theme, hope you like it. I love the song Coward Mont Blanc and that’s why I used the video as a theme. I kept the sidebar format since it works for most people; it has lots of space for adding anything you want as well as lots of links if you need them. Has a lot of color too, every post and every link has a different color. And of course it has also the feature to show the people you are following. If you find any bug just let me know and I’ll try to fix it asap. Remember for installation just copy and paste the code into your customize page on your dashboard.


Don’t remove my credits. Never, under any circumstance. It’s something I worked really hard on, and I let you use it for free, and the only thing I’m asking for is to keep my credits intact. Please!
You can modify it. As much as you want, just remember to be original.
Do not redistribute, copy, steal.
If you have questions please ask.


  • (Re-enter your customize page after installation to see them)
  • Customizable colors, header and background.
  • Different colors for each type of post
  • 9 Custom links. With the option of removing archive and random.
  • Optional like button on posts
  • Optional Caption on index
  • Optional Ask and submit, if you have them active they will appear otherwise they won’t.
  • Optional Static sidebar
  • Optional show people you are following
  • Optional static background
  • Optional endless scrolling

Follow the rules and enjoy. If you have a suggestion for future themes let me know.

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Can I remove the credits?

No you can’t!

"and by now I’m sure you’ve noticed,
I’m a pretty difficult person to deal with."

   — (via le-parfait-rien)

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